Why Successful People are Morning People

Morning people are rumored to be happier, more productive, and overall more focused, but why? Why do morning people seem to have the upper hand? Why is “early-rising” so frequently researched and pursued? And is it really just about alarm clock settings or does it go deeper than that?


As a morning person, there are four main things that I have found morning people embody that the general population misses out on when deciding to hit the snooze button six times every morning.


One of the key distinctions with this point is that there are “morning people” and there are “early risers” and these groups are not always a package deal. Just because you wake up at 5:00am for work doesn’t necessarily make you a morning person. In fact, a morning person doesn't even have to wake up insanely early to classify as such. Whether you are waking up at 4:15am or 8:00am, a morning person wakes up on purpose. Even if it's a weekend or a holiday, morning people recognize that time is valuable and every good day is a day started intentionally.


Going along with the first point, it’s important to note that morning people don’t wake up rolling their eyes at chirping birds or making rude comments with the excuse that they “haven’t had their coffee yet.” Morning people see the potential in each day and are energized by it. There is a genuine enthusiasm when morning comes because it’s a new day full of possibility.



Morning people get their brains in gear super early in their day, allowing for more time to evaluate their goals, take note of their dreams, or just sit and think about the way their coffee tastes. In essence, mornings are an opportunity to reflect and take time for yourself. You can write, listen to music, draw, etc. If there is anything you love but regularly put off because you “don't have time,” you can probably fit it into an early morning. Reflection time is critical for the morning person to clear their mind and stay focused.


If you think morning people never encounter the desire to sleep in, think again. Morning people are also subject to Newton’s first law of motion wherein objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Some people really do pop out of bed as soon as the sun peaks over the horizon, but for most people—even morning people—it requires discipline to see the day in a positive light. But this is actually really great news, because discipline is a learned skill meaning you, too, can become a morning person! This quality overflows into the other activities the morning person might conquer.


These are just four of the qualities that make the morning person a successful person. At the end of the day, the secret to being a morning person is not necessarily the love of morning itself, but rather the love of life, the determination for success, and acknowledging every day as a new opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.

About the Author

Bridgett Boeke is a sophomore studying Marketing with a passion for black coffee, old music, and some good quality time with a sketchbook.