What is Enactus to you?

Enactus is a great way for business students to get involved in their school through a community of likeminded peers. It provides an opportunity for students to apply their classroom learning through practical, real-world projects. It offers students a safe place to try new things and fail, without disastrous repercussions. Enactus is all these things and more. But what is it to you?! We asked a few of our current members this exact question, and here’s what they had to say:

Victoria Cortese - President:

“Enactus to me has been vital to my education at North Central because it has allowed me to get hands on with business projects which is how I learn best. It has given me experience in everything from running meetings, to launching my own business. But more than that, it has connected me to a life-long network of peers who will continue to teach, help, and work with me, even after college. It has been the perfect student organization to be involved with because it allows me to gain experience, while being a part of something I enjoy!”

Colton Neff - Vice President:

“Enactus has made a huge impact on me because you get to work on real-life projects that are impacting the community. I am leading a team to put together a conference to empower small business owners in the community and it has grown me more than I could ever grow in a classroom setting. It is great to be able to apply what I learn to benefit others. Not only does it benefit others, but I personally have developed project management and leadership skills that I would never have grown in had I not joined Enactus.”

Mitchell Miers - Project Manager:

There are two benefits of Enactus that stand out to me. First, Enactus has helped me apply my classroom learning to real world business projects. Second, Enactus has given me the opportunity to gain critical business leadership skills before graduation. Furthermore, joining Enactus has allowed me to network and meet new people at NCU.

Linsley Michira - Team Member:

Enactus to me is a place I can put to practice what’s taught in the classroom in a real world way. The classroom teaches us “stuff,” the workplace doesn’t like it when we mess up but Enactus gives us an opportunity to practice our skill sets with a safety net. Also, Enactus is a great place to network and meet like minded students who want to further their education and careers. As someone who cares about the world and the environment, I love that Enactus emphasizes social responsibility and sustainability. Enactus and all its members have helped me learn more about myself and my future career. 


Kylie DeBoef - Team Member:

I was very timid at first to step into ENACTUS because I was unsure if I was qualified to be of help to anyone. I volunteered to help plan and market for the new Small Business Conference here at NCU. The event is quickly approaching and over the past few months ENACTUS has given me many connections and has strengthened some of my weaknesses. ENACTUS is such a great place to meet other students interested in the same stuff as you as well as some actual men and women who are out starting their own businesses. Overall ENACTUS has taught me so much and not to mention is increasing my experience and building my resume. 

As you can see, there are countless benefits to joining the Enactus team. They’re different for everyone, but each person get’s unique, valuable experience from their time with Enactus. If you’d like to join the team for the upcoming 2019-20 academic year, you’re in luck! Applications are now being accepted for all board positions + team member roles. Click the link below to fill out the application and join the team!

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Benjamin Kvale