How Enactus Landed Me My Dream Job


Erica Hanson, Director of Marketing at North Central University

During my time in NCU Enactus, (or wayyyy back in my day, SIFE), I learned a few powerful lessons in how to write a resume, and how to present oneself as a professional. This lesson is not learned easily for most recent grads. Usually they struggle through applying for new jobs, getting rejection letters, or simply having the most awkward of interactions possible – interviews.
I, by the grace of God and with a sprinkle of Enactus, had the fortune to avoid all of these unfortunate encounters.
When I graduated with a degree in Business Administration, I had a resume that accurately, and impressively, not only qualified my work as a student and leader in Enactus, but it quantified the work that I had done. The effort that I had put forth on a number of projects was accurately representing my experience.


In addition, I had been given professional tips on what ones’ body language and physical appearance should look like during first encounters. Oftentimes, as Millennials and as Gen Z, we have a certain acceptance for everyone’s style, regardless of how others may perceive it. But one of the best things I learned was the fact that every interview would probably be conducted a person of a different generation. Once I realized this, my goal was to stand out because of my skills. My experience. My knowledge. I needed to physically be a professional in all circumstances, and to impress them with how I represented myself. Because however hard it may be to admit, sometimes (and especially) in an interview, its more important to be considerate of what an employer thinks of your knowledge base, over making a statement through your personal style. And sometimes, however unfortunate, …my nose ring is not awesome. Even though I think it is..
Ultimately, let me tell ya, it worked. I’ve had two careers since I graduated college. Not jobs — careers.
Each one greater than the last. And currently, I’m at my dream job. Three and a half years out of my undergrad, I can’t even imagine a better position for me. So there’s something to be said about your resume. Your body language. Your apparel. The way that you choose to be you.
Most importantly: don’t change who you are, just be aware. Be present. Be impressive. Be considerate.
And ultimately,  impress the heck out of them.

Ben Barnhart, Marketing Coordinator at Tiger Oak Media

Being the president of Enactus during my time at North Central taught me many important lessons, but it prepared me for my current position at Tiger Oak Media in several key ways. Before I became a part of Enactus, I had limited experience working with a team. But as a part of Enactus, I had little choice but to learn how to work well with others, how to share a workload, how to delegate, and how to set priorities. 

Working with a team can be difficult (understatement of the year). When you have more than two or three people on a team, everyone’s expectations about how the work should be done begin to clash. Communication is key. At this stage it’s necessary to make sure that expectations are set and agreed upon as a team. That way team members can hold each other accountable without causing conflict or hurting feelings. Delegating the workload between team members enables a team to tackle larger projects than they could complete individually. 


I also had to learn how to set my priorities. Leading an organization was not easy, and I quickly learned that I didn’t have time to do everything. So after consulting with some mentors, I made a list of my activities and projects and categorized them according to urgency and priority. This enabled me to focus on the things that were the most important. 

Working with a team and learning how to prioritize are integral to doing my job well. Without Enactus, I wouldn't have been able to offer Tiger Oak Media these already developed skills less than a year after graduating from North Central University.

Andrea Huberty, Client Service Lead + Insights Analyst at IRI 

When I got started with Enactus as a freshman, my goal was to gain real-life experience that I could then transfer into my career after NCU. What I didn’t know is that Enactus would become much more than practical experience. Within months of starting, I was helping the team gain sponsors and organize conferences for some of our events and projects, ensuring our alumni could participate, while also presenting and coordinating attendance of sponsors to experience the events we had put together and get excited with us about the vision we had.


Enactus provided the opportunity to attend career fairs where multiple fortune 500 and 100 companies had booths to hire summer interns. In my sophomore year, I got hired by Sun Corporation as a Category Development Intern. My love for data and analytics was born that summer and shaped how I went about more internships throughout my time at NCU. I firmly believe I would not have been hired by IRI, a market research company, without my previous data experience within my internships. This also put me on the fast-track at IRI as I was quickly able to grasp and utilize data in a way that other entry level hires could not. Enactus allowed me to get the internship that led to a career that I love.