A College Student's Gift Guide For Procrastinators



Currently, I am sitting in a coffee shop in small-town Ohio downing espresso and breathing heavily. Christmas is less than one week away, and like a true procrastinator, I have managed to forget the importance of shopping (in-person and online) with time to spare. Unfortunately, I am not alone. In the future NCU Enactus should do a blog on why procrastinators self-inflict unnecessary stress.

*Rolls eyes at self*


Until then, I have a short-term shopping solution. Whether you're a fellow college student ballin' on a budget or you're the Secret Santa of a college student who has given you little to no direction on what they want, rest assured. I have created an Amazon list of 10 practical, affordable items students will love. Everything on it is less than $30 and, if you order IMMEDIATELY, there's a good chance Amazon will deliver your items before Christmas morning! Amazon also has free pick up, so check before ordering if that's a possibility for you.

This list ranges from gift cards (no, they are not copouts) and necessities to iPhone trinkets and good books. 

At last, here is your guide: For Holiday Procrastinators!


1. Amazon Gift Card

Students can use this for literally anything—toothpaste, snacks, books for Spring Semester! An Amazon gift card is the most versatile present of all time. 

2. Spotify Gift Card

Spotify has an amazing student discount. When students sign up with their school email, they get half off the normal monthly fee! This app is a lifesaver for study sessions and road trips because it curates playlists specific to each listener's preferences. Long live the Release Radar. 

3. Starbucks Gift Card

Coffee is a life source. There's no ifs and or buts about it. Whether studying, networking, or catching up with friends, free coffee is a BLESSING. 


4. The 5 Ingredient College Cookbook

This is one of Amazon's best sellers and is so, so practical. Living in the dorms can be challenging. If you're trying to save money but are tired of the cafeteria, this cookbook will become a sacred text. It takes into account your limited access to ingredients and cooking supplies, and still manages to offer quick and delicious recipes! Who knew a dorm cooked meal could rival a home cooked one? 

5. Men Explain Things to Me

One of the most googled terms in 2017 was "feminist". There is a gross misunderstanding of what feminism and patriarchy are, and how they affect both men and women. This is one of the best books I have ever read on the topic. It's concise and well researched, and would be the perfect holiday break read!

6. PopSockets

Ask anyone who has a PopSocket and they will rave. It is an underrated gadget for sure. If you know the person you're shopping for well, consider exploring designs rather than the basic colors I've included on the list. 

7. Essential Oils

Some people swear by specific brands, but I have these oils from Amazon and I adore them. Not only do they smell good, they are also natural alternatives to medicine. Higher education and headaches (in my humble opinion) are directly correlated. Peppermint knocks them out in no time. The lavender oil helps me fall into a deep sleep after a long night of studying, and Eucalyptus combats congestion and colds! 


8. Essential Oil Diffuser 

This makes any musty dorm or too-small apartment smell like magic and sunshine dust. Plus, you can mix scents or diffuse your favorite single scent so even your roommates benefit! I recommend orange. 

9. Schmidt's Deodorant

This is my favorite deodorant. Doctors have recently linked deodorants with aluminum-based compounds to breast cancer. Schmidt's is an all-natural alternative whose odor protection and wetness relief promise actually works. Tea tree is a gender-neutral scent, too! When you only have a little bit of money, spending it on necessities is painful. Cover the basics for us so we can invest our paychecks in tuition and Taco Bell instead. 

10. Harry's Razor

Harry's has an auto replenish system so you will never be out of blades! Though this is technically a men's razor, my female friends and I use them. Harry's offers a simple design, incredible blades, and the convenience that every college student craves. Plus, as someone who has sensitive skin, their razor and shaving cream is the only one I've found thus far that doesn't set my legs on fire.

I sincerely hope this list was helpful! If you order anything based on these recommendations, be sure and let me know what you think. Here's to you, fellow procrastinator. Best of luck, and may Amazon Prime be with you!


Shayna Fowler is a senior at North Central University majoring in Entrepreneurship. As the Vice President of Enactus, she is passionate about pursuing justice, creating sustainable solutions, quoting Parks and Rec, and unapologetically defending La Croix's reputation as a delicious beverage. 



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